GO SPA's were designed for the first time buyers, those on limited budgets and are ideal for those that live an active lifestyle. GO Spas have many of the same features found in hot tubs sold at much higher prices, making ownership of a GO Spa an exceptional valve.


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variety & convenience

The GO 850, 742, 634, 632, 631, 630 and 626 are available as 220V only. The GO 624, 623, 622, 621, 620 and 616 are available in a true "Plug 'N Play" 110V version (domestic only). This is a great feature for condo owners, vacationers, or those without access to 220V power. It comes with a GFI protective power cord, so simply fill the spa with water, plug it in and enjoy...

Except for the GO742 and GO850, where 220V service is standard, the remaining 220V models come with 10 additional jets and a larger motor than in their 110V version. Whether your needs are for the basic 110V version or the powerful 300 Gallon Per Minute 220V version, you can be assured of a comfortable, relaxing and therapeutic experience.


Beyond what the eye can see, every GO Spa is constructed using the finest components and expert craftsmanship throughout. From the use of Lucite’s™ world recognized and luxurious acrylic surface to the utilization of a custom molded plastic bottom to protect the home owners deck or patio, the GO Spa does not skimp on the quality and construction of its hot tubs… Pressure treated wood substructure, maintenance friendly synthetic cabinets and a heavy duty thermo cover are all components that will insure you a lifetime of hot tubs enjoyment